Windows 7 / Networking

Remote Assistance and IP Ports Used

The ports used by a Remote Assistance session depend on which version of Windows is running on the two computers involved in the session. Specifically:

  • Windows 7 to Windows 7, Windows 7 to Windows Vista, or Windows Vista to Windows Vista Dynamic ports allocated by the system in the range TCP/UDP 49152-65535
  • Windows 7 to Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows XP Port 3389 TCP (local/remote)

In addition, the Offer RA via DCOM scenario uses port 135 (TCP).

Note If you are concerned about opening the DCOM port (TCP port 135) on your corporate firewall and want to avoid doing this but still want to be able to offer Remote Assistance to remote users, you can do so by using Authenticated IPsec Bypass as described in

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