Windows 7 / Networking

Configuring Remote Assistance in Unmanaged Environments

Users of unmanaged computers can enable and configure Remote Assistance using the Remote tab of the System CPL in Control Panel. Enabling or disabling Remote Assistance and configuring its settings this way requires local administrator credentials on the computer, so a UAC prompt will appear when the user tries to do this.

Note that settings changes made this way will affect all users on the system. Clicking Advanced lets you specify whether remote control of the computer will be allowed during a Remote Assistance session, what the maximum lifetime of a Remote Assistance invitation can be before it times out (the default is six hours), and whether invitations supported only by Remote Assistance in Windows Vista or later versions will be created.

Note A PNRP invitation is valid for only 30 minutes and does not use this setting. This limitation does not apply to trusted contact-based invitations.

In managed environments, when the following Group Policy setting is Enabled, the Control Panel settings for configuring Remote Assistance become unavailable (appear dimmed):

Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Remote Assistance \Solicited Remote Assistance

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