Windows 7 / Networking

Remote Assistance Logging

Remote Assistance can generate a session log of Remote Assistance-associated activity. Session logging is enabled by default and consists of timestamped records that identify Remote Assistance-related activities on each computer. Session logs only contain information about activities that specifically relate to Remote Assistance functionality, such as who initiated the session, if consent was given to a request for shared control, and so on.

Session logs do not contain information on actual tasks that the User or Helper performed during a session. For example, if the Helper is given Shared Control privileges, starts an Admin command prompt, and performs steps to reconfigure the TCP/IP configuration on the User's computer during a Remote Assistance session, the session logs will not contain a record of this action.

Session logs do include any chat activity performed during a Remote Assistance session. The log generated during a session is also displayed within the chat window so that both the User and the Helper can see what is being logged during the session. Session logs also include any file transfer activity that occurs during the session, and they also record when the session has been paused.

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