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Configuring Group and Task Properties

In the task sequence, every group and step has a Properties tab. Each group and step has a name and description that you can edit on the Properties tab. The Run Command Line and Run Command Line As steps also have a command line and a starting folder location that you can edit. Other steps have additional properties depending on the type of step. The following list describes what you see on the Properties tab:

  • Type The Type box indicates the type of step. You cannot change the type.
  • Name In the Name box, type a short, descriptive name for the group or step. During deployment, this name appears in the status window of the Task Sequencer.
  • Description In the Description box, type a description of the group or step.
  • Command Line (Run Command Line and Run Command Line As tasks only) In the Command Line box, type the command to run at this step in the task sequence. Include any command-line arguments. Environment variables are also permitted in command lines.
  • Start In (steps only) In the Start In box, type the path in which to start the command. This path specifies the current working directory for the command. If you do not provide a path in this box, the paths in the Command Line box must be fully qualified or the command must be in the path.
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