Windows 7 / Getting Started

Configuring the Options Tab

Groups and tasks have the following settings on the Options tab:

  • Disable This Step Select the Disable This Step check box to disable the step or group, including all groups and steps that it contains.
  • Success Codes (steps only) List the return codes that indicate successful completion. The Windows Deployment Wizard determines whether a step completed successfully by comparing its return code to each code in the Success Codes box. If it finds a match, the step completed successfully. A success code of 0 usually represents successful completion. A success code of 3010 usually represents a successful completion with a reboot required. Thus, most of the steps in the templates that MDT 2010 provides list the success codes as 0 3010.
  • Continue On Error If an error occurs in the current step, select the Continue On Error check box to continue with the next step in the task sequence. If you clear this check box, the Windows Deployment Wizard stops processing and displays an error message if the step or group does not complete successfully.

Additionally, on the Options tab, you can filter the group or steps based on conditions specified in the Conditions list. If the condition evaluates to true, the group or step runs. If the condition evaluates to false, the group (and all of the groups and steps that group contains) or step does not run. See the following sections for more information about conditions you can add to the Conditions list.

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