Windows 7 / Getting Started

Installation Media

The installation media required for your environment include the following:

  • Windows media (x86 and x64 editions) and product keys. Windows Vista is available on the volume-licensed media. MDT 2010 also supports retail media.

    Note Earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, supported slipstreaming. This process allowed you to integrate a service pack into the operating system source files. For example, you can integrate SP1 with the original release of Windows XP to create Windows XP SP1 media. Microsoft does not support slipstreaming service packs into Windows Vista or later versions. Instead, you can download fully integrated media from the volume licensing Web site, TechNet, or MSDN.
  • Any additional application media you plan to include in the images, such as the 2007 Microsoft Office system. The 2007 Office system is available on volume-licensed media; MDT 2010 also supports retail media.
  • Any hardware-specific software, such as device drivers, CD-ROM burner software, and DVD-viewing software. Downloading all the known device drivers and hardwarespecific applications early in the process saves time when developing and building Windows images.
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