Windows Vista / Getting Started

Can't Keep Track of Open Windows

You don't have to keep track of all those open windows. Windows Vista does it for you with a secret key combination: Hold the Alt key and press the Tab key, and the little bar appears, displaying the icons for all your open windows. Keep pressing Tab; when Windows highlights the icon of the window you are after, release the keys. The window pops up.

Or, if your PC has powerful enough graphics, click the Flip 3D button next to the Start button. Vista "floats" all the open windows onscreen. Click the window you want to bring to the forefront. Or, flip through them all by pressing Tab or your keyboard's arrow keys.

Or, use the taskbar, that long strip along the bottom of your screen. The taskbar lists the name of every open window. Click the name of the window you want, and that window hops to the top of the pile.

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