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Some Things You Don't Like in Windows Vista

If you find yourself thinking (or saying) those words frequently, read this tutorial. Here, you find not only a list of some or so of the most aggravating things about Windows Vista, but also ways you can fix them.

Following these sections:

  • Can't Stand Those Nagging Permission Screens
  • Can't Copy Ripped CDs and Purchased Music to My iPod
  • The Menus All Disappeared
  • Parental Controls Are Too Complicated
  • The "Glass" Effects Slow Down My Laptop
  • Can't Figure Out How to Turn Off My PC
  • Windows Makes Me Log On All the Time
  • The Taskbar Keeps Disappearing
  • Can't Keep Track of Open Windows
  • Can't Line Up Two Windows on the Screen
  • It Won't Let Me Do Something Unless I am an Administrator!
  • Don't Know What Version of Windows I Have
  • My Print Screen Key Does not Work