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Troubleshooting Your Dedicated Circuits

In This tutorial:

  • Locating the level of the problem
  • Identifying DS-3, DS-1, or DS-0 level variables
  • Understanding circuit failure issues
  • Addressing carrier trouble ticket questions
  • Managing your dedicated trouble tickets
  • Troubleshooting outbound dedicated issues, step by step
  • Troubleshooting dedicated toll-free issues, step by step

Dedicated circuits save your business money when they are working, but if they fail, your company can come to a grinding halt. By identifying the problem accurately and by working with the information you uncover, you can greatly reduce your downtime.

Identifying the scope of a problem is always your first concern. When you know the level at which the issue exists, you can evaluate all the hardware and carriers that interact at that level and push forward with more tests. This tutorial walks you through all the troubleshooting techniques, shortcuts, and pitfalls you might encounter with your dedicated circuits.

Remember Keeping your objectivity is crucial, because the moment you close your mind to the possibility that the issue might be linked to a carrier or a piece of hardware, you begin reducing your chances of success. In the court of telecom, every variable is guilty until proven innocent. This philosophy should be the foundation of your cross-examination in the coming pages.