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Printing Labels

Word comes ready and wiling to work with standard address labels. If you just want to print a single label, or if you want to print a bunch of the same label, then follow the steps in this section. (However, if you are printing labels, you are probably working on some kind of large mailing that would benefit from Word's automated mail merge feature.)

Word is prepared to handle labels from Avery and many other manufacturers. Take note of the maker and model number of the labels you have bought, and follow the manufacturer's instructions for loading them into your printer. Then follow these steps to print one or more of the same label:

  1. Go to Mailings> Create> Labels. The Envelope and Labels dialog box opens to the Labels tab and then in the Address box at top, type the address you want to put on the label. If you want to print a batch of your own return address labels, click the box in the upper-right corner labeled "Use return address."
  2. Click the Label section. (It is not just a preview it's a button!) The Label Options dialog box opens. Choose your label manufacturer, and then choose your label's model number. This information tells Word how many labels are on a sheet and how they are spaced. Click OK when you are done.
    Word's label printing tool is all set to work with a mind-boggling variety of label types. It also gives you some ways to make the most of your label resources. For example, using the Single label button, you can print one label on a sheet and save the rest for another project.
  3. In the Print section, select "Full page of the same label" or "Single label." If you want to print the same label a bunch of times on a sheet of labels, choose the first radio button, "Full page of the same label."
    You can print a single label from a sheet of labels, saving the rest of the sheet for another project. Click the "Single label" radio button, and then identify the row and column for Word, so it knows which label to print on.
  4. Click Print when you are ready to go.
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