MS-Word / General Formatting

Setting Print Options

The Word Options window is where you tweak Word to make it behave the way you want. Some print settings worth knowing about are, somewhat oddly, tucked away on the Display panel. Go to Office button> Word Options> Display. The printing settings are at the bottom. A checkmark indicates the option is turned on. Here is what you find:

Print drawings created in Word
The factory setting is to have this option turned on. Turn it off if you ever want to print a document without any graphics or floating text boxes.

Print background colors and images
Page color and background images work better for Web pages than they do for printed documents. When you install Word, this option is turned off, but you can always toggle it back on.

Print document properties
Turn this option on, and Word prints your document, and then prints the document properties author, title, and so onon a separate page at the end. (If you have never checked out your document properties, take a look by choosing Office button> Prepare> Properties.)

Print hidden text
You can hide text in your document using a font style command (Alt+H, FN, Alt+H). With this box turned on, that text does not stay hidden when you print.

Update fields before printing
Word fields include things like the date in a header or a contact from your Outlook address book. It is usually a good idea to leave this box turned on because it makes sure you have the most up-to-date information before you print.

Update linked data before printing
Like the fields option above, this option is turned on when you install Word, and it is good to leave it that way. If you link a table or chart from an Excel spreadsheet, this option makes sure it is using the most recent info.
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