MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Opening the spreadsheets on the SharePoint site

After uploading spreadsheets to the SharePoint site, other team members who have access to the site can open and view them. Be sure to e-mail all the team members ahead of time and let them know which document library contains what spreadsheets. Team members can then follow these steps to access the spreadsheets:

  1. Log on to the home page of the site and click the link for the document library that contains the uploaded workbooks.
  2. After the Document Library page opens, click the link attached to the workbook file's name.
  3. When Internet Explorer displays an alert dialog box warning that if you don't trust the source of the file you shouldn't open it, click OK.
    Internet Explorer downloads the spreadsheet to your local computer, opening it as a read-only file in Excel. When the workbook opens in your copy of Excel, the Shared Workspace task pane is also automatically displayed.

The user can then review and print the worksheet opened in Excel. If the user wants to make changes to the spreadsheet and save them, he or she must rename the workbook or save it locally in order to do so. (The read-only status prevents changes to the original document saved on the SharePoint site.)

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