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Sharing Excel Workbooks and Lists with SharePoint Web Site

Microsoft's SharePoint Services represents a new technology for creating and maintaining collaborative Web sites where team members can easily share information. This information can take the form of shared documents (including Excel spreadsheets, charts, and lists), calendars, to-do lists, event announcements, and other similar notices. Such a team Web site not only serves as a central repository of all information pertinent to the team but also enables team members to enter into online discussions, respond to online surveys, and review and approve documents.

You can run SharePoint Services on an internal server, on which your team site functions as a corporate intranet. If you don't have the manpower, money, or expertise to run SharePoint Services on your own Web server, you can get SharePoint Services as a subscription service through a Web Presence Provider (WPP) that hosts your team site on the Internet.

This tutorial covers how to add Excel workbooks to a SharePoint Web site for review by team members. You also find out how to publish Excel 2003 lists to a SharePoint site and link the data so that changes you make to the original list can be quickly and easily synchronized with the copy of the list residing on the SharePoint server.