MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Manipulating the margins and column widths

If you detect problems with the margins as you preview the pages in your report, you can change them. Click the Margins button to display top, bottom, left, and right margin markers along with column indicators in the Print Preview window.

To change the margins and/or adjust the column widths, position the mouse pointer on the margin or column marker and then, when the pointer changes to a double-headed arrow, drag the marker in the appropriate direction. When you release the mouse button, Excel redraws the data on the page that you're previewing to suit the new margin settings. Note that changing the margins has no effect on the positioning of the header or footer text, only the data in the body of the report.

To change a column width, you position the mouse pointer on the marker of the column border that you want to increase or decrease and then drag it with the double-headed mouse pointer in the appropriate direction. After you finish modifying the margins or column widths, remove the onscreen markers by clicking the Margins button again.

Manipulating the page settings

If you identify a problem with the page settings while previewing the pages of a report, you can open the Page Setup dialog box by clicking the Setup button on the Print Preview toolbar. You can then use the controls on the Page, Margins, Header/Footer, or Sheet tab to fix the problem without having to close the Print Preview window.

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