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Printing Tricks for Reports

Printing your spreadsheets is probably the most important task that you perform in Excel. This tutorial looks at all the little things you can do to ensure that your printed reports not only contain all the necessary information but also present it in the clearest possible manner.

Among the tricks of the spreadsheet printing trade of which you should be aware are how to use Excel's Page Preview feature - to check how the report will print and to take care of any last-minute problems with the page elements - and how to use the Page Break Preview to take care of any nasty page-break problems. This technique also covers how to use the Header and Footer feature to create custom running heads for the report as well as how to use the Print Titles feature to ensure that row and column headings from the worksheet are printed on each page of spreadsheet data. Finally, this technique looks at how to obtain a quick printout of your worksheet data showing the formulas used rather than their results so that you can check the integrity of the computations and have a printed record of them.