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Settings for Individual Apps

Most built-in apps have a corresponding group of settings in iPad. Rather than bore you by taking you through each and every one, I provide Table below, which gives you an overview of the types of settings you can control. If there's a particular app you like to work with often, it's worth your while to explore the settings for it to see if there's one that might make your life with that app a bit easier.

Built-in Apps Settings Overview

AppTypes of Settings
MailAdd Accounts, Fetch New Data Frequency, Display Settings (how many messages to show, font size, and so on)
ContactsDisplay Settings (sort order, display order)
CalendarsTurn on Alerts, Time Zone, Default Calendar
SafariSearch Engine, Turn AutoFill On/Off, Show Bookmarks Bar, Security and History
iPodSounds and Volume Settings, Display Lyrics and Podcast Information
VideoStart Playing (where left off or from beginning), Closed Captioning, Widescreen On/Off, Type of TV Signal
PhotosSlideshow Settings
FaceTimeTurn On/Off, Set Email Account

Also note that apps that you download, which have been designed for iPad, will often appear in your Settings under the heading of Apps. Non-iPad apps (for example, iPhone apps) don't seem to appear. The settings vary based on

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