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Managing iPad Settings

iPad Settings is a control center for the device, offering settings that let you adjust things like the screen brightness and wallpaper, sound volume, and security features. In addition, there are settings for accessibility that can help if you have vision or hearing challenges. You can also set up e-mail accounts and control how the Calendar and Contacts apps manage their respective details. Finally, there are settings for each of the individual built-in apps, as well as any apps designed for the iPad that you've downloaded to your device.

In this tutorial, you get some highlights of the settings you're likely to need most often, and advice for how to use them.

If you've installed an app that uses the Apple Push Notification Service to push alerts at you, you'll see a Notifications item in Settings. This lets you control the alerts sent to you. You can turn alerts on and off, for example, which can save you battery life. You can also control alerts in the specific app's settings.