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Place Your Computers in the Right Locations

The best way to keep your kids away from the Web sites you don't want them to visit is to provide a deterrent. The best deterrent is sort of a psychological deterrent - one that implies that they could get caught if they don't follow the rules.

Don't put a computer in a child's room. It is a bad idea on several levels, according to many educators and child psychologists who point out that part of a healthy childhood is interaction with other children. Kids who have computers in their rooms tend to spend much more time alone, using the computer (mostly on the Internet), than kids who use computers that are in less-private locations. These are also the kids who spend too much time in chat rooms and have a higher probability of interacting with a predator in a manner that leads to trouble.

Put computers in rooms where it is normal and natural for other household members (especially parents) to walk through those rooms.

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