Windows XP / Networking

My computer won't associate with the local network

If you can't find the network, check these items:

  • Confirm that the wireless network adapter PC Card is firmly inserted into the PCMCIA socket.
  • Confirm that the cable between the USB adapter and the computer is plugged in at both ends.
  • If you are using an access point, confirm that your network adapter is configured as an infrastructure network; if you are trying to link directly to another wireless adapter, confirm that both systems are configured for an ad hoc network.
  • Confirm that you are using the correct encryption key.
  • Confirm that the IP address setting is correct. If the access point or some other DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses, confirm that the computer's TCP/IP settings are set to obtain an address automatically.
  • Test with encryption and authentication turned off, then be sure to enable them again when you are finished.

I can see the Internet, but I can't see other computers on my LAN

Some firewall programs normally block inbound attempts to view files and directories. This prevents unauthorized access to your computer, but it also blocks other computers on the LAN unless you specifically allow access from those computers (using their IP addresses). The firewall controls should include a function where you can identify trusted computers or allow local access (it is different for each firewall program); consult the firewall program's documentation for specific instructions.

If the firewall is not blocking access, it is possible that the computer you are trying to reach is not configured properly, the access point does not recognize that computer's MAC address, or the other computer has filesharing turned off.

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