Windows XP / Networking

My Wi-Fi network has crashed

If you are a network manager and several of your users tell you that they can't connect to your Wi-Fi network, it is possible that the access point has temporarily flaked out (that is the technical term) or your wired connection to the Internet has dropped out. Take a look at the lights on the access point and the Internet gateway router to confirm that the Power and WAN indicators are on. If you can't find an obvious problem, try restarting the access point by unplugging and reconnecting the power plug.

I can see the local network, but I can't connect to the Internet

Most LANs use a gateway server to convert the internal IP addresses that are used within the LAN to a separate IP address that identifies this network to the Internet. To establish an Internet connection, your computer's TCP/IP network configuration settings must specify the addresses of the gateway and one or more DNS servers. Check that your computer has received an address by following these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt (run cmd).
  2. Look at the network configuration with ipconfig /all.
  3. Reinitialize DHCP (request a new address) with ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew.
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