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Restricting Access to an Apache Server

To restrict access to your Apache server, you can alter the Available Addresses list in the Main tab of the HTTP configuration tool by using the Add, Edit, and Delete buttons. If all you want to do is change the port that the Apache server uses, select All Available Addresses on Port 80 in the Available Addresses list and click Edit. This brings up the dialog box shown. Then, specify the port you want to use and click OK.

If you want to restrict access to certain IP addresses, select the All Available Addresses line, click the Edit button, select the Address radio button, and then enter the address you want to allow access to. You can enter a single IP address, but you're more likely to enter a partial IP address or an IP/netmask combination. For example, to allow access to all addresses from to, you could enter either of the following:


If you want to allow access to a list of specific IP addresses, you can add lines to the Available Addresses list box. First, though, you should remove the All Available Addresses line or edit it to allow just a single address. Then, click the Add button to add addresses you want to allow.

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