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Running FTP

FTP is one of the oldest and still most common methods for sending files over the Internet. This tutorial shows you how to install and configure the basic FTP server that comes with most Linux distributions, Very Secure FTP Daemon (vsftpd). For complete information about this server, visit the official Web site at

If you need to access files from someone's FTP site or need instructions on setting up an FTP server on a Windows machine.

Installing vsftpd

You can quickly find out whether vsftpd is installed on your system by entering the following command from a shell prompt:

rpm -q vsftpd

If vsftpd has been installed, the package version is displayed. If not, the message package vsftpd is not installed is displayed.

If vsftpd isn't installed, you can install it by following these steps:

  1. Choose System → Administration → Add/Remove Software.
    This summons the Add/Remove Software program.
  2. Type vsftpd in the search box and click Find.
    This locates the vsftp package.
  3. Select the package named Very Secure Ftp Daemon and click Apply.
    The Add/Remove Software program installs the vsftp package.
  4. Close the Add/Remove Software program.
    The vsftp package is now installed.
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