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Anonymous FTP

The anonymous FTP service lets anyone in the world have access to a certain area of disk space in a secure way. The connection process involves a remote user creating an FTP connection and logging on to the system. The user logs on with the username anonymous and usually the password is the email-id.

Configuring Anonymous FTP

Setting up anonymous FTP is simple. All you need to do is install the anonftp RPM package. To set up the anonymous FTP, you need to install the anonftp RPM package. Some facts regarding the settings and configuration of Anonymous FTP are discussed in the next section.

Setting up the Anonymous FTP Directories

The anonymous FTP root directory and its subdirectories should not be owned by the FTP account or be in the same group as the FTP account. If you allow the FTP account of any other user in the same group to own the FTP root directory or its subdirectory, an intruder will be able to add or modify files. The FTP account shouldn't own the anonymous FTP root directory. Doing this would enable the intruders to access the FTP server and modify the files in the root directory. You can secure the anonymous FTP server by allowing root to own the FTP root directory and its subdirectories. In addition, you should assign the write permission only to the root.

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