MS-PowerPoint / Getting Started

Entering the Document Properties

Document properties are a means of describing a presentation. If you manage two dozen or more presentations, you owe it to yourself to record document properties. You can use them later on to identify presentations.

To record document-property descriptions, click the Office button and choose Prepare> Properties. You see the Properties panel. Enter information about your presentation in the text boxes. To record even more descriptions, click the Document Properties button and choose Advanced Properties on the drop-down list. (Click the Close button - the X - to close the panel.)

You can read a presentation's document properties without opening a presentation:

  1. In Windows Explorer, My Computer, or the Open dialog box, right-click a presentation's name and choose Properties. You see the Properties dialog box.
  2. In the Open dialog box, switch to Properties view. You can do this in Windows XP, but not Windows Vista.

PowerPoint offers a command for erasing document properties. Click the Office button and choose Prepare> Inspect Document. In the Document Inspector dialog box, click the Inspect button and then click the Remove All button if you want to remove document properties.

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