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Copying a file from an iWork for iPad app

You've copied a file from some other place onto your iPad, now it's time to reverse the process. To share a file you've created in iWork on your iPad, follow these steps:

  1. You can export your documents from the documents screen by tapping the Share button.
    You'll see that in addition to moving files to iTunes, iDisk, and WebDAV, you also have the ability to e-mail a file and share it on iWork.com. (iWork.com is described in the "iWork.com: Playing well together" section, later in this tutorial.)
    When you e-mail a file, the recipient can work on the file or place it on an iDisk or WebDAV server. Anyone with proper access (including you) can then copy it back into your or someone else's iWork for iPad app.
  2. Whenever you're exporting, you're asked to choose the export format.
    In the case of an iDisk or WebDAV server, you may be prompted to log in as you see in the previous steps.
  3. Your document is on its way.

Moving files with iTunes

Unlike moving documents to and from iDisk and WebDAV servers, the moving of documents between iTunes on your PC or Mac and your iPad requires a direct connection, not a wireless connection, so make certain you have your cable handy.

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