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iWork for iPad Apps

Word processing and spreadsheet applications are among the most widely used software products on personal computers; presentation software is a close third. Having started from scratch on the hardware side and then the operating system side, people at Apple started dreaming about what they could do if they were to start from scratch to write modern versions of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. They knew they'd have to follow one of their advertising campaign themes: Think Different.

The result was the iWork suite of applications (a collection of applications that can work together) for the Mac - Keynote, Pages, and Numbers - that were developed one by one over a period of several years.

Today, iWork is a terrific suite of programs for Mac OS X that have become a trio of dynamite apps for iPad.

In this tutorial, you'll find an introduction to the three iWork for iPad apps, including how to use the common interface elements. You'll also find a summary of differences between iWork for iPad and iWork for Mac in those cases where it matters.