Windows XP / Networking

Managing Your Wireless Security Policy

These products can help you manage your policy. You can set a trap for unencrypted traffic should you have a policy that requires encrypted wireless traffic. Or you can look for rogue or unauthorized access points. Other products that can help you manage your wireless policy include:

AirDefense (
Monitor and enforce configuration policies, WLAN device and roaming policies, performance policies, channel policies, and vendor policies.

AirWave Management Platform (
Automatic configuration, policy push, and compliance auditing.

Chantry BeaconWorks (
Allows central management of APs.

Cirond Winc Manager (
WEP key distribution, location-based access control, provisioning system, and real-time mapping.

Computer Associates Unicenter Wireless Site Management (
Key management, wireless rogue AP detection, provisioning, network discovery and mapping, and WAP configuration and administration.

Enterasys Secure Networks (
Provisioning and security solutions.

Sygate (
Definition of policies based on client behavior.

Vernier System 6500 (
Hardware enterprise-class WLAN gateway solution that provides network administrators with the flexibility of configuring access rights based on user, group, time, and location (centralized policies).

Wavelink Mobile Manager (
WEP key management, enterprise ACLs, and policy push.
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