Windows XP / Networking

Backing Up Data on Floppy Disks

You can back up your data files to floppy disks. You have the following methods to choose from to get your files to the disks:

  • Using Send To:
    You can copy files to a floppy disk to create a backup. Select all the files that you want to back up and right-click any file. Choose Send To from the shortcut menu that appears, and then choose the floppy drive.

    When the disk is filled to capacity, an error message appears to tell you that the disk has no more room on it. Put another formatted, blank floppy disk in the drive, and then click Retry. Keep doing this until all your document files have been copied to floppy disks. Send To does not really send the file, it copies it. The original file stays where it was.
  • Using Microsoft Backup:
    You can configure the backup software that is available with Windows 98 and Windows Me to back up to floppy disks. Just select your floppy drive as the backup target when you are configuring your backup.
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