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Beyond Vista Tools

There has always been a market for tools that can help you make your working experience more customizable with Windows. In the world of shortcut keys, a great tool we used to work with was WinKey (the latest and final version is 2.8 from Copernic). You can still find this on the Web if you run a search for "winkey."

You can also look for other tools on sites such as and so forth. One nice tool is AutoHotkey (it is a little tricky for newbies in the world of scripting, though). It is a free, open-source utility for Windows that is constantly evolving. Here are some of the self-proclaimed uses from the AutoHotKey website (

  • Automate almost anything by sending keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can write a mouse or keyboard macro by hand or use the macro recorder.
  • Create hotkeys for your keyboard, joystick, and mouse. Virtually any key, button, or combination can become a hotkey.
  • Expand abbreviations as you type them. For example, typing "btw" can automatically produce "by the way."
  • Create custom data entry forms, user interfaces, and menu bars.
  • Remap keys and buttons on your keyboard, joystick, and mouse.
  • Respond to signals from handheld remote controls via the WinLIRC client script.
  • Convert any script into an EXE file that can be run on computers that don't have AutoHotkey installed.
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