ucfirst() Make a string's first character uppercase

This tutorial will teach you how to uppercase the first character of a string.

The ucfirst() function capitalizes the first character of a string (if that character is alphabetic) which is good for sentences.

ucfirst() prototype

string ucfirst ( string $str )
This means that ucfirst() accepts string and returns a manipulated string (uppercased the first character). We could rewrite the above function definition in an easy to understandable way:
Explanation of ucfirst() function definition
Function PartDescription
stringType of value this function returns, which is a string
ucfirstThe function name
stringParameter type, this function accepts only string data type
$strParameter name, a variable that holds the data



Return Value

ucfirst() function returns string, with capitalized the first character if that character is alphabetic.


Example 1

'i am php string';
//uppercase first character of string
$UpperFirst ucfirst($str);

The above code prints I am php string on browser screen.

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