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Linux Network Monitoring

You can find many Linux network-monitoring utilities available on the Internet. Linux utilities are GNU General Public License, which means you can download and use the utilities for free. Make sure you match the utility with your distribution of Linux.

  • InterMapper, as described in the previous section, also includes installers for Red Hat, Debian, Mandrake, and other Linux distributions. As a network monitor, InterMapper works well for Windows, Macs, and Linux (
  • Another monitoring utility is Iperf. Iperf measures bandwidth, data loss, and more in a Linux, Mac, or Windows environment. Iperf is copyrighted under the University of Illinois and is a GNU General Public License utility.
  • nPULSE is a Web-based network monitor for Linux distributions. The utility monitors hundreds of sites on multiple ports. There have been problems with nPULSE and Red Hat and other distribution; make sure you read all the information you can before using any utility or application with your Linux distribution (
  • NetWatch, Cricket, and IPTraf are more examples of Linux-based network monitoring utilities (

You'll need to do research on your distribution to see which monitor best suits your network.

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