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Funk Steel-Belted Radius

Funk Software is one of the most widely used RADIUS servers. As a result of the popularity of this product, we have included this segment to show the capabilities of a good RADIUS server product. If nothing else, the following information will give you a baseline from which to judge other products. We thank Funk Software for their kind permission to include their information here.

"Steel-Belted Radius is an award-winning RADIUS/AAA server that lets you centrally manage all your remote and wireless LAN (WLAN) users and equipment, and enhance the security of your network."

Straight from the data sheet on, this brief intro manages to consolidate into a few words the many features and functional aspects provided by their Steel-Belted Radius software.

Funk's product is a functional software package that provides a central point of administration for all remote users, regardless of how they connect. In other words, users will not need separate systems to provide accountability, authorization, and authentication for WLAN, LAN, VPN, dial-up, or Internet-based connections. In addition to multifaceted connection support, this product also supports various operating systems and networking software, including NT/2000, Solaris, and Netware.

In particular, Steel-Belted Radius earns a second look because it provides extra security for WLAN users by increasing the level of security and access by working with existing access points to ensure only authorized users are allowed access. The following will detail the many features of Funk's Steel-Belted Radius.

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