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Using Office Diagnostics

Office Diagnostics is a new feature of Office 2007 and can be found in any Office application's Options page. If something is wrong with an Office application but nothing seems to be wrong with the computer itself, run this diagnostic to repair it before reverting to System Restore. If this does not solve the problem, use System Restore next. To perform an Office Diagnostic:

  1. Open any Office application and connect to the Internet. The Office Diagnostic tool often goes to the Microsoft Web site to get the latest updates.
  2. Click the File menu in the top-left corner and open the application's Options page and then select Resources.
  3. Click Diagnose (to the right of run Microsoft Office Diagnostics).
  4. Click Continue to run Office Diagnostics. Note that this process can take up to 15 minutes.

Several tests will run, including a search for known problems and solutions, testing memory, updates, compatibility, disk, and setup.

After the diagnostic is finished, you will see a summary screen.

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