MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Editing changes not available to a shared workbook

When you share a workbook, Excel disables some of the program's editing features so they're not available when making changes to the shared spreadsheet. The following tasks are disabled in a shared workbook:

  • Deleting worksheets from the workbook
  • Merging cells in the worksheets of a workbook
  • Applying conditional formats to the cells of the worksheets (although any conditional formats assigned before you share the workbook remain in effect)
  • Setting up or applying data validation to cells of the worksheets (although all data validations restrictions and messages assigned before you share the workbook remain in effect)
  • Inserting or deleting blocks of cells in a worksheet (although you can insert or delete entire columns and rows from the sheet)
  • Drawing shapes and adding text boxes with the tools on the Drawing toolbar
  • Assigning passwords for protecting individual worksheets or the entire workbook (although all protection and passwords assigned prior to sharing the workbook remain in effect)
  • Grouping or outlining data in a worksheet
  • Inserting automatic subtotals in a worksheet
  • Creating data tables or pivot tables in a worksheet
  • Creating, revising, or assigning macros (although you can run macros that were created in the worksheet before it was shared, provided that these macros don't perform any operations that aren't supported in a shared workbook)
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