MS-Excel / Excel 2003

Drawing Objects for the Spreadsheet

The Drawing toolbar is jam-packed with great tools for creating and adding all types of graphic objects. About the only graphic that you can't bring in from this toolbar is one that you create on a scanner or import from a digital camera that's attached to your computer. (For that you need to use the Insert → Picture → From Scanner or Camera command.) For all the rest of your graphic needs, the Drawing toolbar is your ticket.

Drawing toolbar and identifies the buttons that use only symbols. When you first open the Drawing toolbar (by choosing View → Toolbar → Drawing), Excel automatically docks it at the bottom of the Excel window immediately above the status bar. You can then move the Drawing toolbar to another side of the Excel window or even float it if you want.

The Draw and AutoShapes buttons are attached to pop-up menus that open when you click their buttons. The Fill Color, Line Color, Font Color, Shadow Style, and 3-D Style buttons are all attached to pop-up palettes that open when you click their buttons and from which you can select new fill, line, and font colors as well as shading and 3-D effects for selected graphic objects.

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