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Testing the Versioning Server

Follow these steps to test this solution:

  1. Make a copy of ClientApp.accdb and place it in another location.
  2. Open the original ClientApp.accdb and verify that you receive the message that says you are running version 1.0. Close ClientApp.accdb.
  3. Open VersioningServer.accdb.
  4. Open the USysAppHistory table in VersioningServer.accdb and add one record to the table. Make sure that the FilePath field points to the correct location of the copy of ClientApp.accdb.
    21.1Minor update<PathTo>\UpdatedClientApp.accdb
  5. Close VersioningServer.accdb.
  6. Open the copy of ClientApp.accdb and change the AppVersion database property to 1.1 to match the entry in the USysAppHistory table. Close the copy of ClientApp.accdb.
  7. Open the original ClientApp.accdb.

The frmCheckVersion form should open for a moment and then close. The updated version of the client application should open in a few seconds.

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