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Protect from Spam, Spyware, and Viruses

This tutorial will show you how to defend your computer against the major menaces of operating a computer: spam, spyware, adware, and viruses. Viruses have been around for a very long time; spam just keeps getting worse and worse; and now there is a new computer menace that is infecting millions of computers, known as spyware and adware.
Spyware is the name for applications that are secretly installed on your computer and record your personal activities or do other tasks with your computer of which you would probably not approve if you knew about them. Adware is very similar to Spyware, but can be a little worse. Instead of just spying on your activities, it uses its monitoring data to display relevant advertisements on your computer.

All of these computer menaces can be eradicated (or at least severely limited) by tweaking some of the settings of Windows XP and using various protection and defense apps. This tutorial will show you how you can make Windows XP defend against some of the most popular types of viruses and spyware. It will also present some great utilities that you can use to battle spam and remove spyware and viruses from your computer.