Windows XP / Beginners

Checking Event Viewer

If you are having problems with Windows XP, always check the Event Viewer for additional information that may be available to. Event Viewer, which is available in Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Computer Management, gives you an easy way to review system events and problems that have occurred. You can view application events, system events, and security events. Simply click the file you want to view, then double-click the event in the right console pane for details.

If you double-click the event, you can read more information about the application hang and discover which application was running when the problem occurred. Event Viewer is rather intuitive and easy to use, so make sure you don't forget about it when you are trying to sort through problems; it can be a great source of information.

Getting Help Online

If you are having difficulty solving a problem, which you most certainly will from time to time, keep in mind that you can get help from Microsoft using the Help and Support Center. However, you can also go directly to and enter a search query about the problem. You'll probably find information and even troubleshooting help at this site. Also, check out and for additional troubleshooting help.

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