Windows Vista / Getting Started

Windows Vista, Service Pack 1

HD-DVD and Blu-ray
Adds new icons and labels to identify HD-DVD and Blu-ray drives as high density drives.

Search application
The Search command has been removed from the Start menu so you can use Windows Search Explorer (by default) or a third-party search application, such as Google Desktop Search, to perform searches.

Search Everywhere
The See All Result option on the Start menu is changed to the Search Everywhere option, which uses the default search engine, either Windows Search Explorer or a third-party search application.

Indexing Options
The Indexing Options dialog box includes a Pause button, which allows you to stop the Windows Search Indexer from indexing new content for 15 minutes.

Default Programs
The Set Default Programs window allows you to select and use Windows Search Explorer or a third-party search application, such as Google Desktop Search, as the search engine within Windows Vista.

Set Associations
The Set Associations window lists the Windows Search protocol under the Protocols list, which allows you to set associations with a specific program.

Scanning a photo
After scanning a photo, an Explorer window opens instead of Windows Photo Gallery.

Windows Media Center
Adds support for digital TVs, networked DVD players, and other device extenders.

Backup EFS files
The Backup Wizard backs up (Encrypting File System) EFS-encrypted files, which is a component of the NTFS file system.

In addition to the operating system volume, BitLocker now supports the encryption of internal data volumes.

Network Diagnostics
In addition to solving network connection problems, Network Diagnostics allows users and administrators to solve common file sharing problems.

Wireless network support for 802.11n
Allows existing wireless management to plug in an 802.11n IEEE Draft 2.0 compatible wireless adapter and connect to an 802.11n Draft 2.0 compatible network.

A computer or device with connectivity to one or more networks via two or more methods, either wired or wireless.

exFAT file system
A file system that supports larger capacity and larger files, which is used in Flash memory storage and other devices.

Disk Defragmenter
The Disk Disk Defragmenter dialog box includes an option to select the volumes for defragmentation.
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