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Viewing Indexing Progress

You can view the progress of the indexing from the status message displayed in Indexing Options in Control Panel. When user activity is present on the system, the search engine throttles back so as not to interfere with what the user is doing (that is, indexing still goes on but at a slower pace). When this happens, the message "Indexing speed is reduced due to user activity" is displayed. When all indexed locations have been indexed and no more items remain in the gather queue, the message "Indexing complete" is displayed.

Note Clicking Pause causes the Windows Search service to stop indexing new content for 15 minutes.

You can also view indexing progress by using the Reliability and Performance Monitor. For example, the Search Indexer\Documents Filtered counter displays the number of documents that have been scanned for indexing, while the Search Indexer\Master Merge Progress counter indicates progress made during a master merge on a scale of 0 to 100 percent completed. Performance objects for monitoring the indexer include Search Indexer, Search Gatherer, and Search Gatherer Projects.

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In this tutorial:

  1. Managing Search
  2. Search and Indexing Enhancements
  3. Search in Windows XP
  4. Search in Windows Vista
  5. Search in Windows 7
  6. Understanding the Windows Search Versions
  7. Search Versions Included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  8. Search Versions Included in Windows Server 2008
  9. Search Versions Available for Earlier Versions of Windows
  10. How Windows Search Works
  11. Understanding Search Engine Terminology
  12. Windows Search Engine Processes
  13. Enabling the Indexing Service
  14. Windows Search Engine Architecture
  15. Understanding the Catalog
  16. Default System Exclusion Rules
  17. Understanding the FANCI Attribute
  18. Default Indexing Scopes
  19. Initial Configuration
  20. Understanding the Indexing Process
  21. Modifying IFilter Behavior
  22. How Indexing Works
  23. Rebuilding the index
  24. Viewing Indexing Progress
  25. Understanding Remote Search
  26. Managing Indexin
  27. Configuring the Index
  28. Configuring the Index Location Using Group Policy
  29. Configuring Indexing Scopes and Exclusions Using Group Policy
  30. Configuring Offline Files Indexing
  31. Configuring Indexing of Encrypted Files
  32. Configuring Indexing of Encrypted Files Using Control Panel
  33. Configuring Indexing of Similar Words
  34. Configuring Indexing of Text in TIFF Image Documents
  35. Other Index Policy Settings
  36. Using Search
  37. Configuring Search Using Folder Options
  38. Configuring What to Search
  39. Configuring How To Search
  40. Using Start Menu Search
  41. Searching Libraries
  42. Advanced Query Syntax
  43. Using Federated Search
  44. Deploying Search Connectors
  45. Troubleshooting Search and Indexing Using the Built-in Troubleshooter