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Using AppLocker with Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell 2.0 includes the following cmdlets to enable you to create scripts that examine, create, and manage AppLocker:

  • Get-AppLockerFileInformation Examines an executable or script and returns the information AppLocker might use to determine whether the application can run, including the file hash, file path, and publisher (for signed files).
  • Get-AppLockerPolicy Examines either the effective AppLocker policy or the AppLocker policy from a GPO.
  • New-AppLockerPolicy Creates a new AppLocker policy.
  • Set-AppLockerPolicy After you create an AppLocker policy, use this cmdlet to define it for a GPO.
  • Test-AppLockerPolicy Determines whether specified files will be allowed to run for a specific user and AppLocker policy.
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