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Pinning Programs

I use the Calculator application all the time when I am using my computer. My desk calculator is always lost, and I don't want to waste time looking for it when I just need to do a quick calculation. Every time that I want to use the Calculator application, I have to click the Start menu, select All Programs, and then navigate up through the Accessories menu until I can finally click the Calculator app. There is a much easier way to access this program.

Instead of navigating through the program listings, I can just pin the program to the Start menu. Pinning a program is a simple task that allows the program that you pin to appear on the Start menu just above the Frequently Run Programs list. If you pin a program shortcut, it appears on the top of the Start menu.

Navigating through the entire Start menu to launch a program you use all the time is a waste of time. Why waste your time? Pin your most commonly used programs today!

  1. Start your pinning adventure by navigating through the Start menu as you normally do to launch a program. Navigate to a program that you use all the time, such as the Calculator application in the Accessories menu.
  2. After you have highlighted the item, right-click the item and select Pin to Start menu. That's it. Your program will now appear directly on the Start menu.

Now, say that you got a little too excited and pinned too many applications and want to remove some. What should you do? Just click the Start button again to bring up the Start menu and highlight the program you want to unpin. Then right-click the item and select Unpin from the Start menu.

Pinning your favorite programs is a simple solution to speeding up access to your programs.

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