Windows 7 / Security and Privacy

How to Configure UAC

You can use Group Policy settings to configure UAC behavior on targeted computers. Additionally, you can disable UAC by using Control Panel or Msconfig.exe or by editing registry settings directly.
The sections that follow describe each of these techniques in more detail.

Incoming sections:

  • Group Policy Settings

  • Control Panel

  • Msconfig.exe

  • How to Configure Auditing for Privilege Elevation

  • Other UAC Event Logs

  • Best Practices for Using UAC

  • AppLocker

  • AppLocker Rule Types

  • Auditing AppLocker Rules

  • DLL Rules

  • Custom Error Messages

  • Using AppLocker with Windows PowerShell

  • Using Windows 7 Defender

  • Understanding Windows Defender

  • Automatic Scanning

  • Real-Time Protection

  • Windows Defender Alert Levels

  • Understanding Microsoft SpyNet and more

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