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Getting More Information

There's quite a bit of information about the command-line environment tucked away in Windows, but it's scattered far and wide. To read about the CMD program itself and the built-in commands, click Start, Help and Support and then search for the following strings:

  • cmd
  • command shell overview
  • command-line reference
  • command-line reference A-Z

On Windows 7 and Vista, nothing is likely to come up, but click the Search IT Pro Content on the Microsoft Technet website link and you are led to the content.

Microsoft has mostly eliminated Command Prompt information from the Help files distributed with Windows 7 and Vista. Steer toward the pages that describe the Server versions of Windows.

You can also get information from the command-line help program.Type commands of the form

help cmd
help dir
help for

and so on, using any of the command or program names listed in this tutorial. The help command automatically sends its output through more so you can view it a page at a time. Almost all command-line programs display help information if you run them with /? as a command-line argument, so if help doesn't work, try running the program like this:

cmd /? | more
more /? | more
ping /? | more
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