Adobe Photoshop

Gradient Map Colorization

Learn how to colorize specific area in black and white image. We will explore the use of gradient maps in this tutorial.

Step 1: Open an Black and White image.

Take a Black and White Photo

Step 2: Duplicate the layer. Now that we have our colors set we can add the Gradient Map. Set the foreground and background color, setting shown below:

Set Foreground and Background Colors

Step 3: Go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map, a 'New Layer' window open, do not change anything just click OK and now a 'Gradient Map' open, just click ok. Now We have an image with a sepia tone look.

Apply Gradient Map

Step 4: Set your foreground color to Black and background color to white.

Step 5: Select Gradient Map layer. Start removing the color leaving only the skin.

Removing Color

Step 5: Finally change the 'Gradient Map' layer blending mode to 'Hard Light'.

Change Blending Mode

Here's the final result!

Gradient Map Colorization