Networking / Beginners

Wireless LAN Applications

Wireless LANs are applicable to all industries with a need for mobile computer use or when the installation of physical media is not feasible. Wireless LANs are especially useful when employees must process information on the spot, directly in front of customers or co-workers, via electronic-based forms and interactive menus. Wireless networking makes it possible to place portable computers in the hands of mobile front-line workers such as doctors, nurses, warehouse clerks, inspectors, claims adjusters, real estate agents, and insurance salespeople.

The coupling of portable devices with wireless connectivity to a common database and specific applications, meets mobility needs, eliminates paperwork, decreases errors, reduces process costs, and improves efficiency. The alternative to this, which many companies still employ today, is using paperwork to update records, process inventories, and file claims. This method processes information slowly, produces redundant data, and is subject to errors caused by illegible handwriting. The wireless computer approach using a centralized database is clearly superior.

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