MS-Word / General Formatting

Updating a Table of Authorities

If you edit a document after creating a table of authorities, the table might become out-of-date. To ensure that the table is up-to-date, use one of these techniques:

  • Use the Word Options dialog box. In the Word Options dialog box (choose File → Options), click the Display tab, select the Update Fields before Printing check box (in the Printing Options section), and then click OK. Then the table of authorities automatically updates every time you print your document.
  • Press F9. To update a table of authorities without printing the document, select (or click inside) the table and press F9.
  • Use the right-click context-sensitive menu. If you point to a table of authorities and right-click, the shortcut menu that appears includes an Update Field command. Using the Update Field command works the same as pressing F9.
  • Click Update Table. The Update Table button is in the Table of Authorities group on the References tab.
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