MS-Word / General Formatting

Creating a Bibliography

After you mark all citations in your document, you can easily create a bibliography that references the citations in the correct format. Here are the steps:

  1. Click at the location where you want to insert the bibliography.
    It's usually at the end of the document.
  2. Click the Bibliography button in the Citations & Bibliography group of the References tab (shown in the margin) and then choose Insert Bibliography.
    The bibliography is inserted.

The bibliography is formatted according to the style selected from the Style drop-down list in the Citations & Bibliography group of the References tab.

Managing Your Sources

Word keeps a list of all the sources you create, for not just the current document but, rather, all documents. You can manage this list by clicking the Manage Sources button in the Citations & Bibliography group on the References tab. This action opens the dialog box shown.

As you can see, this dialog box presents two lists of sources. The list on the left is the master list of all sources you have created, in any document. The list on the right is the list of sources to include in the bibliography for the current document. Any sources you have referenced in the current document are included in the current list.

Here are a few interesting things you can do with this dialog box:

  • Add a source to the bibliography for the current document even if the source isn't referenced in the document. To do that, select the source in the master list and click Copy.
  • You can search for sources by using the Search text box.
  • To edit the information for a source, select the source and click the Edit button.
  • Click the New button to create a new source.
  • The Browse button lets you open a different list.
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