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Where Is PowerPoint?

If you can't find PowerPoint, here is where you should start looking:

  1. Just because you have Microsoft Office installed does not mean you have PowerPoint as well. Some editions of Office, especially the ones that might have been pre-installed on your computer, do not include PowerPoint.
    Yes, you can upgrade by adding PowerPoint to a version of Office that does not include it, but you need to make sure that you have a qualifying product for the upgrade to a new version of PowerPoint. Get more information at:

  2. Maybe you have PowerPoint installed, but the shortcut that used to launch the program got deleted. To find out if you really have PowerPoint, follow these steps:
    • If you are using Windows XP, choose Start> Run. If you are using Windows Vista, choose Start> All Programs > Accessories> Run. This brings up the Run dialog box.
    • Type powerpnt.exe in this dialog box and click OK. If you have PowerPoint installed, the program's splash screen appears. If that does not happen, Windows might complain that it can't find powerpnt.exe, which means you don't have PowerPoint.

If you are using a computer at work, you might want to ask your system administrator whether PowerPoint is installed.
The technique above works with any version of PowerPoint, not just PowerPoint 2007.

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