MS-PowerPoint / Getting Started

Creating and Printing Handouts

You don't have to do anything special to create handouts in PowerPoint. That is because handouts in PowerPoint are nothing more than slides printed one or more to a page.

To print handouts:

  1. Select Office button> Print> Print Preview. The Print Preview ribbon appears, and PowerPoint's best guess at how you want your handouts printed appears in the workspace.
  2. Click the Print What drop-down box and then, from the menu that appears, choose how you want PowerPoint to print your handouts. PowerPoint redisplays the handouts preview based on your selection.
    You can tell PowerPoint to print up to nine slides per page. Here, you see the effect of printing two per page, which is a nice compromise: large enough to read the slides, but roomy enough for note taking.
  3. Click Print. The familiar Print dialog box appears and Click OK. PowerPoint prints your handouts.
  4. Click Close Print Preview to dismiss the Print Preview ribbon and return to your workspace.
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